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Businesses face potential legal issues throughout their commercial lifecycle, from initial purchase, daily operations to eventual sale. Today small businesses, in particular, face this reality that is compounded by the issues associated with cutting costs to remain competitive and viable with the added constraint of minimal resources.

Kailash Lawyers provides legal services to a number of Sydney businesses, both small and large. Our proactive approach and personalised service enables businesses to focus on their day to day operations and rely on us in the event of a legal issue arising. We assist all types of businesses including small, medium sized enterprises and multinational subsidiaries. Regardless of the size of your business or your particular circumstance, you can trust the expertise and skills of Kailash Lawyers. We provide practical and commercially focused legal advice catering for your needs and providing value for your money.

Our services include the following areas of business law :

Buying and selling a business :

  • Purchase and Sale
  • Local government requirements.

Registrations, contracts and agreements :

  • Registration of business names and incorporation of a company.
  • Commercial and retail leases, including leasing arrangements for plant and equipment.
  • Contracts and agreements, including those relating to franchises, joint ventures, shareholders, and partnerships.

General business liabilities :

  • Corporate governance.
  •  Employment law, including wages and salaries, OHS, employee benefits, agreements, training, hiring and dismissals.
  •  Financial and tax related matters, including various aspects of taxation and superannuation.

Leasing and Tenancy :

Kailash Lawyers understands the complexities associated with leasing and tenancy. Our firm recognizes that landlords and tenants may not share the same views or perceptions in relation to an issue as a result of which disputes may arise. Our experienced legal practitioners provide detailed legal advice and assistance on matters such as :

  •  Drafting and reviewing retail and commercial leases.
  •  Negotiating the terms of the lease including rent, transfer options, duration, exit, and renewal options.
  •  Preparing residential, commercial, and industrial contracts, leases, and agreements.
  •  Leasing Disputes
  •  Damage and destruction to property
  •  Subletting of premises
  •  Insurance advice and assistance in identifying the most suitable business insurance opportunities

If you are considering entering into a new residential lease or commercial lease, have an existing lease ready for renewal or if you are in dispute with your Landlord over the terms of the lease, call us today on 02 9633 4233 to find out how we can help you.

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