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Kailash Lawyers & Consultants

Kailash Lawyers and Consultants is a specialist law firm which has been operating for several years within the suburbs of Parramatta and Sydney CBD.

Our firm prides itself on its knowledge, skills and expertise which have been honed through assisting various clients in Australia specifically within the Sydney region. With our fixed fee structure and our commitment to upholding ethical practices and procedures in all our dealings, Kailash Lawyers has become a reputed and trusted name among its clients. Kailash Lawyers vision is to maintain long-standing relationships with all its clients by providing quality service in a friendly and responsive manner. We believe specialising allows us to be more efficient and thus provides us with a competitive advantage.

Kailash Lawyers specialises in Business and Commercial Law, Family Law, Immigration Law, and Property and Conveyancing matters. We represent individuals, small businesses and corporate clients. At Kailash Lawyers, it’s not all about attending to the complexity or simplicity of the case. It’s more about you, your needs, interests and expectations as a client.


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