Family Law

Breakdown of a relationship is a difficult time for everyone concerned. Kailash Lawyers understands that Family Law matters can be complicated and fraught with emotions. Disputes of this nature require a high standard of professional skill and care. That’s one of the reasons why our practitioners strive to make the process as simple as possible for you with minimal acrimony.

Our Family Law solicitors have extensive experience in advising and representing clients involved in cases before the Family Court of Australia and Federal Magistrates Court of Australia. We will explain how the law applies to your specific situation and we will work out the best possible way to achieve a resolution for you. We also actively encourage clients to explore alternative methods of settling disputes prior to litigation through processes such as Mediation. Kailash Lawyers will listen to what is important to you and act accordingly. Regardless of whether your marriage took place in Australia or overseas, Kailash Lawyers can assist.

Our highly qualified family lawyers will tell you everything you need to know about :

Separation and Divorce :-

We will provide advice about legal separation and assist you with the lodgement of formal applications for divorce

Defacto Relationships :-

We will provide you legal advice about whether your relationship classifies as a Defacto relationship in accordance to the law.

Child Custody Orders / Parenting Arrangements :-

We will advise parents about issues of shared parental responsibility you may be facing such as where the children will live on a permanent basis and the amount of time they will spend with the other parent. We will also assist parents in obtaining child custody orders.

Property Settlements :-

We will help you negotiate and commence property settlement proceedings to divide the property between partners

Family Violence and Child Abuse :-

We will advise you about how the prevalence of family violence or abuse towards the child can affect your divorce or child custody matters.

Legal advice in relation to Family Law Dispute Resolution processes such as mediation

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